One day I Marika Lindelöf I be contacted by a russian photograher and journalist Яна Хорунжая. She liked my photos and wondered if she could have some photos which i had been taken for here article on our breed danish-swedish farmdog in a Russian dogmagazine called Cobaka (something like that). I started too send here a lot of pictures and in the same time it was at a big breedspecial show in south Sweden for our breed and she liked too write something about that too. I sended her photo of our kennel and she made a article of our kennel and what i used for my tecnical stuff when i take photos. And plus that a big poster of Kitenga Joy Jizza as puppy in the middle of the magazine.
Front page
side 2 and a photo of Kitenga Na Canon
Side 1 of the article
Side 2 of the article
Side 3 of the article
Side 1 of the article of our kennel and my photos. Could it bee the word Kitenga in the paragraph?
The article of breed special which is every year in the south part of Sweden. There our kennel Kitenga got many prizes.