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I have started too upload photos of dogs which I have been taking on exhibitions and friends dogs. And I have received photos of dogs from other photographer. I have also received photos off old dogs and that is very interesting for all of us too see i think. And also photos of dogs that wasnt registered and the time before it become a dog through SKK

Remember that photos are copyright and that means that the photographer owns the photo and anyone else are forbidden too use it in media or in print. On this site the photographer are myself, Marika Lindelöf but also many more, and the photographers name are almost under all photos.

New dogs on the site:
101127 Riddarens Christoffer Robin
091227 Snudigas Dacke
091227 Easy Jump's Tjalle
091227 New photo of Änglarnas Dejlige Douglas
091219 Björkstugans Zira
091219 Kilhult's Esmeralda
091124 Gruff
091124 New photos of Twinflowers Piggtistel
091112 Kilhult´s Delaila
091112 Flinkagårdens Esset
091112 Haritzas Tarzan
091112 New photo of Änglarnas Dejlige Douglas
091111 New photo of Snudigas Isildur
091111 New photo of Kitenga Na Caizer
091111 New photo of Kitenga Na Canon
091110 Änglarnas Captain Pelle
091110 Änglarnas Dejlige Douglas
091110 Gitte Gotts Sven
091110 Youhais Stolta Sickan
091110 Easy Jump´s Douglas
091110 Youhais Prins Pompe
091110 Heidick´s Tore
091103 Kitenga Only One Ouzo
091103 Kitenga Only One Oshiela
091103 Kitenga Only One Ollie
091103 New photo of Kilhult´s Tahoe
091103 New photo of Smilla-Axtorp
091029 Björkstugans Wilma
091029 Änglarnas Absolut Kurant
091029 Änglarnas Bam-Zigge Bartil
091027 Youhais Envise Ebbe
091027 Youhais Robban Rox
091027 Oråsgården Kasper
091026 New link "Old Things"
091026 Änglarnas Digger Dagny
091026 Korpens Flisa
091024 My Bonnie Rita Kræmmerhus
091024 Kitenga Hot Harmonie
091024 Zkrubbe's Lionheart
091024 New photo of Korpens Aimi
091023 Olsen
091023 Smilla-Axtorp
091023 Twinflowers Piggtistel
091022 Hamléngårdens Kent
091022 My Bonnie Druide Drikker Dram
091022 Chili-Kil
091021 New photo of Frida 11 year
091021 Kilhult's Tahoe
091021 Umpa
091020 Youhais Lady Lovisa
091020 Atti
091020 Vitas Mini Ebbe
091017 Kitenga I Am Isabella
091017 Kitenga I Am Ixion
091017 Kitenga I Am Icarus
091017 Oråsgården Schack
091017 Youhais Lilla Lito